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On-demand car wash service for getting your car washed and detail at the location of your choice!

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An expert car wash is a tap away !!

“There is a complete sense of satisfaction in knowing we play a part in making someone’s life easier with car washes at their convenience, time, and place.”

Go Go Wash “The Car Wash Mobile App” is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible services. We believe in what we do and take pride in seeing each Car Wash to completion On-demand.

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How Go Go Wash Works

Sign-up, Book a Wash & Enjoy your Car Wash


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Signup, enter your details, pick a wash package and schedule your car wash


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We have a group of “Go Go washers” that provide excellent car wash services consistently any without any hassle.


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Have your car washed at your own convenience to save time and money.

Why Choose Us

A clean car makes everything feel a little bit better.

Go Go Wash, “The Car Wash Mobile App,” works to give entrepreneurs in the detailing industry options. Being a people centered business, we see it as both our duty and our privilege to give back to the community. We accomplish this by allowing mobile detailers and mobile washers on the local platform.

With busy schedules, stressful daily routines, and little free time, “Go Go Wash” is a good choice to get your vehicle clean and ready for the road.

Stay away from the lengthy car wash queues!
You can request a “Go Go Wash” washer to come to you wherever by just downloading our “Go Go Wash” App in a city close by.

Why not go back to a clean car? It works and is Cheap, Comfortable and Convenient. Get the Go Go Wash” app from the App Store or Play Store. Book It! We come Wash It!

our services

Enjoy a wonderful “Go Go Wash” experience by being satisfied with the extra services we offer.

Avoid wasting time washing your automobile for hours with unsuitable cleaning products and tools. We offer cutting-edge services that can quickly clean, polish, and safeguard your car.

  • Paint Correction
  • Leather Steaming
  • Engine Wash
  • Paint Restoration
  • Leather Protectant
  • Dashboard Protectant

We promise to provide you the finest possible wash experience.

It’s time to make your car the only great place you keep it fresh, spotless, and totally organized.

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